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9-1-1: Hacked, Attacked and Where's That

One Day Seminar

This class has been created to bring telecommunicators up to speed on the technological terrorism and the “Internet of Things” that are plaguing our 9-1-1 centers across the nation. We will discuss getting back to the basics of identifying ANI/ALI & mapping knowledge and the importance of understanding all of the information displayed. We will also review and hear examples of swatting, hoax calls, and denial of service, ransomware as well as other situations that have temporarily paralyzed 911 centers. In addition we will identify other technological speed bumps that are stumping our call-takers such as VOIP calls, APPS calling 911, WIFI calling, cellular boosters and calls being routed to other countries. These types of calls do not always arrive in the PSAP via traditional means and it is important for telecommunicators to be ready for and understand the process for when they do.

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