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Active Shooter

The Active Shooter has become a part of modern society. The role of the calltaker/dispatcher is critical and your knowledge of the Active Shooter protocol will help you save lives. This class will give you a historical perspective and will review numerous incidents including actual 9-1-1 calls and radio tapes. The class will also look at what future Active Shooter incidents may involve.

Basic Telecommunicator Training - 2nd Edition

This four-week interactive course teaches you the basic skills and responsibilities of a public safety telecommunicator. Topics include roles and responsibilities, legal aspects, interpersonal communications, technologies, telephone techniques, call classification, radio communication, and stress management.

Communications Center Liability Online

We live in a litigious society and the threat of a lawsuit involving communications professionals is real. Liability issues in the communications center have become a major issue. It is important for all members of the communications center to learn skills to reduce liability.

Crimes in Progress

This online three-week course is on in-progress calls in which your actions and ability to do your job can make the difference between life and death. The class will examine a wide variety of call types, such as shootings, kidnappings, pursuits and officer down, and your role in responder safety.

Customer Service Online

This interactive three-week course takes a look at customer service skills for public safety communications professionals. This is a critical class for all telecommunicators. Today it is not good enough to be technically competent. You must also provide a level of service. This three-week course will teach you how to handle difficult callers and what you can do to increase the level of service you provide each day.

Domestic Violence

This interactive three-week course takes a dynamic look at the truths and myths associated with domestic violence. Students will learn the techniques to handle domestic violence calls, why people stay in abusive relationships, the cycle of violence, what is domestic violence, and will review several case studies.

Stress: It's All in Your Head Online

This motivational three-week course will teach you how to deal with your job-related stress, as well as how to deal with stress at home. Stress can take a terrible toll on your job performance and your health. If you are going to continue to perform your job at the highest level, you need to learn effective techniques for managing your stressors.

Suicide Intervention

This interactive three-week course educates public safety call takers in crisis intervention.  Topics include: suicide attitudes and facts, risk assessment of caller, risk assessment of responder, call taker intervention, and suicide call case studies review.

Online Training with PEI

PEI-911 Online Intro Only!

The Public Safety Group in conjunction with Profile Evaluations of Daytona, FL, has launched online training.

Building for Excellence - 2nd Edition

Management and Leadership Tools for 9-1-1 Professionals

This comprehensive and motivational course is a must for every current or aspiring supervisor or manager. The course looks at management and leadership in terms of personal, organizational, and professional excellence within the field of public safety communications. It applies the proven principles and practices from the wealth of generic training available and brings it home to our profession and our unique needs and motivators.

Building for Excellence, 2nd Edition addresses the current issues affecting our industry in 2016 and beyond, and provides you with the tools and information you need to maximize your abilities and build for excellence within your chosen profession.

Communications Training Officer - 2nd Edition

This dynamic and comprehensive six-week course provides you with the tools and information you need to maximize your skills as a public safety communications training professional. Through completion of this course you’ll learn how to design and conduct CTO and classroom training that ensures trainees truly learn the skills and knowledge needed to survive and succeed in this rapidly changing and critically important profession.

Hiring Right for 9-1-1

This four-week interactive course provides you with the tools and information you need to stop the revolving door of turnover and start hiring right! Informative and practical, this course takes you through each step in the hiring process from laying the foundation to making the final hiring decision.

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