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Crisis Intervention (Two-day)

Two Day Seminar

When a person is in crisis, the telecommunicator many times will be the first person to respond. This class provides you the tools you need. 

Communications personnel are often the first to deal with a person in the midst of a crisis. We recognize emotions, not rational thinking, are the driving force that alters behavior and actions of the person in crisis. Many times, these calls are for barricaded individuals, mentally ill people in crisis, suicidal persons, domestic violence situations or even hostage situations. Your words and actions will most likely set the tone for the remainder of the call.

This course is designed to teach and arm communications personnel with effective communications skills to not only get the needed information from the caller but also teach them how to use verbal communications skills to lower emotions and de-escalate the situation. This will aid in making the scene safer for your emergency responders, with the ultimate goal of a peaceful resolution. The course includes information on the Understanding of the Mentally Ill and tips on how to deal with them during an episode or break down. This course is a must for all 9-1-1 telecommunicators and their supervisors.

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