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Half Day Seminars

Cost: $129.00

Customer Service Half Day

Customer service skills for dispatchers is a critical class for all dispatchers and 9-1-1 personnel. Topics covered include, annoying and difficult callers, words to use for extraordinary customer service, how to defuse anger and officer/dispatcher relations.

First Responder Round Table

The only class like it on the market. The class is designed to discuss issues and problems that each responder faces. The class is designed to assemble fire fighters, law enforcement, communications and management together in one room to discuss how to improve the response of all professionals.

Lessons Learned from the Denise Amber Lee Case

This 4-hour class is Lessons Learned from the Denise Amber Lee Case.

TTY Training

This 4-hour course deals with ADA Compliance, call handling techniques, the deaf culture and ASL, and other practical training for 9-1-1 call centers.

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