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What students are saying about The Public Safety Group

"Excellent course, 150% better than other training I have been to."

"Need more training like this course for dispatchers; enjoyed training that was not boring."

"Very informative."

"His experience really showed."

"Great Class."

"Instructor was an attention grabber."

"Instructor truly excellent! Clear, confident; spoke clearly & well, in all honesty the best civilian instructor I've seen in 12 years of police work. Great job."

"Tony is a great trainer."

"Tony was a very informative instructor and I learned a lot from him. He is also very motivational."

"It was nice to see a dispatcher teach a course instead of an officer teaching who has never done the job."

"This was an excellent course that was extremely well taught. Tony knows his business. It was my pleasure to have attended his seminar."

"He made the class fun as well as educational. I look forward to attending many more of Mr. Harrison's classes."

"Tony did a very good job at teaching, with his instruction I was able to learn and retain the information that was taught."

"Bryan was a walking encyclopedia of dispatch."

"Jack, you were very professional & informative and did a great job keeping everyone involved."

The Public Safety Group can be reached at:
P.O. Box 1468, Wake Forest, NC 27588
Phone: (919) 569-0426
Toll-free: (877) 794-9389
Fax: (239) 676-7468

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