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9-1-1 Dispatcher Training on Demand

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Training on Demand by The Public Safety Group is the most innovative dispatcher training program available. This program has been developed with the dynamic needs of the Emergency Communications Center in mind.

Effective. Convenient. Functional.

Training on Demand by The Public Safety Group

This program allows your agency unlimited access to the Training on Demand library for one low cost annual payment. The content will be continuously updated with new training. The library will also be regularly updated with additional topics and instruction.

The training currently includes a variety of topics including: Calming techniques, The 5 W’s, Officer Involved Shootings, Front Line Leaders, PTSD and many others.

Training on Demand is presented using a variety of formats which includes professionally produced videos, audio tape review and motivational sessions. We developed the sessions to provide 30 minutes of training each. The program will also include shorter ‘role call’ training sessions of about 10 minutes. The Public Safety Group truly understands the needs of the Communications Center. Training on Demand is an effective and convenient training program without the need for personnel to leave the center.  

The program is a complete learning management system that allows you to customize the training needs of your agency. You will have the ability to assign training to your employees and the ability to create specific training from the content that fits your agency needs.

Training on Demand by The Public Safety Group is available for an annual payment of:

$799 for up to 15 users
$999 for up to 50 users
$1,900 for up to 100 users
$2,850 for up to 150 users

Additional one-time setup fee –

Free for under 15 users.
$250 for 15-49 users.
$500 for 50-99 users.
$750 for 100 and above.

*Users must be employed by the same agency (9-1-1 districts should call for multiple agency pricing.)

User options Price
Training On Demand up to 15 Users
Training On Demand up to 50 Users
Training on Demand up to 100 Users
Training on Demand up to 150 Users

The Public Safety Group can be reached at:
P.O. Box 1468, Wake Forest, NC 27588
Phone: (919) 569-0426
Toll-free: (877) 794-9389
Fax: (239) 676-7468

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