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One Day Seminar

Chances are you have heard the names, Kyle Plush, Kari Hunt, Shanell Anderson, Denise Amber Lee, and sadly some others. These stories have identified links in the public safety chain of survival that failed them and tragically they are not here to share their story or the vital lessons learned when their perfectly imperfect storm resulted in their significant loss. We will identify some of those lessons learned, share some of the lasting impacts their story and families have had on the 9-1-1 industry, as well as share an overview of some of the new acts and laws that are a result of these calls, and some that were created because mission-driven leaders saw the importance. You will learn what the Denise Amber Lee Act, Kari’s Law, and Ray Baum’s Act mean for your role as a telecommunicator.

Not to worry, this heavy at times session will not only focus on the negative stuff, but there will also be many positive messages shared, including shout outs to some pretty amazing 9-1-1 professionals as we hear how they went above the call of duty, used out of the box resources and creative actions to influence positive outcomes.

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